Maritha Jacobsson


Associate professor Maritha Jacobsson, Department of Social Work, Umeå University


Research interest:

Victim offender mediation, social work, discourse analysis.


Jacobsson Maritha, Wahlin Lottie, Andersson Tommy (2012) Victim – offender mediation in Sweden: is the victim better off? International Review of Victimology. Vol 18:3 , s. 229-250.

Jacobsson Maritha, Wahlin Lottie & Andersson Tommy (2013) Den svenska medlingsmodellen – till nytta för brottsoffret? Gleerups.

Sjöström Stefan, Jacobsson Maritha & Hollander Anna (2017). Collegiality, therapy and mediation – The contribution of experts in Swedish mental health law. Special Issue “The Intersection of Human Rights Law and Health Law”. Laws (6) 1